Need Of Your Vehicle And Partner Of The Rides

The transport depart of UK is named as the driver & vehicle licensing agency because from the time a vehicle is bought and till the time it is sent to carp the company always looking over it and has all the records of the vehicle. The agency works on the transportation level, and the cars bought and sold in the UK in a particular year and also maintain a registered history for the licenses issued and all the vehicles registered until date. This makes the transportation and the vehicle management easy for Britain.

Get Your Vehicle Registered


There are many benefits if you know about the licensing agency, and you are enjoying their work. The work of the agency affects transportation in many ways. The many different modes of help the company offers can be summarized as:

  • Vehicle and road tax
  • Unique Vehicle Identification number
  • Security of the vehicle
  • Information about the vehicle engine and other parts
  • The manufacturing year of any vehicle
  • Issuing driving licenses
  • Keeping insurance track of the vehicle

The agency can do anything and everything for the vehicle. The information like when the vehicle was manufactured or when a vehicle is destroyed is all with the agency. You can get this information about a vehicle on a very minimal fee. The information of the vehicle is helpful in considering the safety of the vehicle.

Safe And Secure Vehicles

Vehicle safety not only means being resistant to theft but it is also in accordance with the environmental threats a car possess. The agency keeps a check on the vehicles to be as eco-friendly. The CO2 emissions from the vehicles are continuously monitored, and the health conditions of the vehicle are approved by the company. All this information is stored in the database of the agency with the registration number and the unique verification number of the vehicle. The confirmation number is useful as it won’t change even if the vehicle is bought and sold many times.

There are many ways to which you can apply for the license of your vehicle. The agency operates through technical means, or you can write to them as well. If you are ever moving from your resident, then such things are important and you should get them changed on your driving licenses. The agency will do it for you in a single call. You can apply for it online or can go to them directly with a house proof.


Sometimes people forget their license or if it is lost in any circumstances, then you can get them ready just by clicking on the agency’s website and help you at the earliest. This is the reason that this agency has been given such importance. There are many things which are not noticeable but play a great role in day to day life; such is the work of the licensing agency. The agency work for all your road and vehicle-related issues without making you realize the hard work behind it.